Scientific Assessment and Advice

The Faroe Marine Research Institute provides the Ministry of Fisheries with scientific assessments and advice on the status and management of fish stocks and marine ecosystems around the Faroe Islands.

Faroese marine research provides the best possible scientific basis for responsible exploitation of marine resources. Fish stock assessment is based on investigations such as trawl and acoustic surveys carried out by the Faroese research vessel, Magnus Heinason, in addition to commercial catches and effort data from logbooks and the sampling of commercial catches for length and age analysis.

The Faroe Marine Research Institute provides the Faroese Fisheries Minister with stock assessments of the main demersal fish species and of shared straddling stocks, under the auspices of ICES (International Council for the Exploration of the Sea) and advice. On a yearly basis the institute provides the Faroese Minister of Fisheries with advice on sustainable exploitation of the marine resources.

Studies into the dynamics of marine ecosystems in Faroese waters have produced a great deal of valuable information on the ecological relationship between fish stocks and the ecosystems that support them. This is in addition to the assessments and detailed knowledge of fisheries biologists and oceanographers, as well as fishermen’s own knowledge and experience. As new knowledge in this area becomes available, it is added to scientific advice on the sustainable utilisation of marine resources.

Faroe Marine Research Institute

The Faroe Marine Research Institute conducts studies and research of the Faroese marine environment and its living resources, and advises the Faroese authorities about these conditions.